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[c2pu] Telescopes and instruments
Telescopes and instruments


The two telescopes that C2PU will offer, were earlier coupled as part of an interferometric instrument called SOIRDETE (for “Synthèse d’Ouverture en Infra Rouge avec DEux Télescopes”). These two instruments are planed to be renewed in two phases. The first one which began in September 2010 involves the shaping and polishing of a 1-meter primary mirror for the West-telescope (W-Tel), out of a Zerodur blank provided by OCA. This phase ended late 2011. During this polishing operation by D. Vernet from CdF, the refurbishing of the mechanical structure of the telescope is undertaken. In parallel, the C2PU team has designed and implemented the hardware and software for the remote control of W-Tel through Internet.