Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Monday 15 October 2012 by Suarez Fernandez Olga

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Find here the answers to most common questions.

  • General

Q: What is C2PU?
A: The Center for Pedagogy on Planet and Univers is a project based on the alliance between training (teaching, pedagogy, public outreach...), and scientific research. University students are our priority right now, aiming at trying to contain the disaffection with the scientific physics.

Q: Why "Planet and Univers"?
A: Because C2PU covers two aspects of Earth and Univers sciences: geoscience ("Planet") and astronomy ("Univers"). These two disciplines, although appearently disconnected, overlap on several domains (planetology, extra-terrestrial geology, gravimetry...), that C2PU will hopefully try to emphasis. Aside from hosting the two 1-meter telescopes for astronomy, the Calern plateau and its surroundings are of particular interest for their geological structures. Our approach is therefore to have students from these two fields meet together, and participate to introductory activities in both of them.

  • University teaching

Q: Which university course of study do C2PU cover?
A: Potentially all, but Master students are currently our priority.

Q: Is C2PU exclusively University-oriented?
A: In the end, the project is expected to be opened to the widest possible range of teaching activities and courses. The already existing "Sismos à l’école" ("Simso at school", geophysics) and "EduCosmos" (astronomy, leant on C2PU) projects are demonstrative of what C2PU is aiming at.

  •  Primary and secondary teaching

Q: I am a primary (or secondary) school teacher: what is it possible to do with C2PU?
A: the EduCosmos project is the answer to that question. A dedicated web site is currently in progress. Waiting for that, please send a message to Olga.Suarez (at) for more information.

  • Research

Q: Can I submit a scientific project or a program proposal to C2PU?
A: Not yet. C2PU is just becoming operational, and we have currently selected 4 priority astronomy/astrophysics programs (check this link for more details, in french at the moment). In the future, and depending on how we can manage the already proposed programs, we will open C2PU to a broader community.

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