The E-Telescope
Thursday 27 September 2012 by Suarez Fernandez Olga

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The E-Tel will have an F/12.5 focus, quite similarly to W-Tel, plus an F/35 “coudé” focus and should be available early 2014. The F/12.5 focus of E-Tel will be either a Cassegrain or Gregory combination. It should be dedicated to spectroscopy. Concerning the “coudé” focus, the focal image will be delivered on a very stable optical bench, at a fixed point, regardless of the position of the astronomical target. On this optical bench, all kind of focal instrumentation will be welcomed, such as a deformable mirror and a wave front sensor for a low-order adaptive optics system. With a SBIG ST8XME CCD camera, this configuration would lead to a 1.3′ × 1′ field of view, with a pixel scale of 0.05′/pix. Magnitude 15 should be reachable at 5 σ with 1 minute exposure.

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